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October 1, 2012


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Hi there !

I don't really often talk about my personnal opinions here on DeviantART, but it's some things I'd like to say.

Only 1 or 2 outfits of my gallery aren't handmade by me !
Plus in cosplay, you've costume + play. I don't only put efforts in my costumes, but also in my poses, expressions... !
So, when you come to tell me "You're just a random chick, being on a photo isn't an art", yes I do facepalm myself.
(Plus I'll add: being a model isn't that easy. It isn't just being pretty and smile to a camera. Don't be that naive.)

I often see on some girls photos (cosplay or not), comments like "OMG PHOTOSHOP", "Her boobs are fake :/"...and stuff. You know what I mean. Some are just trolls, but other seems to really think that the photographer edited a lot the photography for his model to look that 'good'. I know that it happen, but not always. It's good photographers who knows how to use cameras, lights, places, and give advices to their models. This first point help a lot. It's also people who have a nice skin, nice eyes, nice body...Without Photoshop or anything. I'm very thin myself but I do have boobs. I never used Photoshop to make them appear bigger (or plastic surgery... I'm so afraid of a poor blood test u_u') Well, my point is: Some people are good looking without 'cheating'. Some photographers know how to make a model appear at his best look. Being a beauty, look good, or making a cosplay sucessfully isn't a bad thing, is it ?!

As for cosplay, it's many things that help a LOT to look good: the character choice obviously (like, I'm lucky that I've a great body/face for anime cuties, my friend :iconcarancerth: just rocks as Lestat or Arthas, because he naturally looks like those characters...), fabrics and patterns choices, wig, make up... the fact that you slept or not the day before the shoot too :p
A little example with two pics of me as Tomoe Mami.

First pic:…
-Convention photo, on stage, in a place where the lights are awful.
-Due to the lights, the yellow parts of my costume look very flashy.
-Bad make up and poor wig (color and hairstyle don't suit me at all).
-I didn't sleep the day before the con because of I was very sick. I've dark circles under my eyes, I look absent, poor smile, and you can see all my acne scars on my skin 'cause of I'm SUPER TIRED !

Second pic:…
-Studio photo, lights mods, we took our time, I pose with a photographer who give me advices.
-The colors of the costume look better, softer.
-Better make up for the character, circle lenses, and better wig: The blond is more natural, and I did the hairstyle myself.
-I slept a lot and I was fine for the photoshoot. No fever, no illness... :) I look way better !

An other point I'd like to talk about is the "real girl" thing.
I already saw some curvy woman who called themselves the "real woman", and people who comments pics of curvy girl saying the same thing.
I know gorgeous girls who are curvy, they have a wonderful body and know how to look good, they've a beautiful smile, they are self-confident, well, they are beauties.
I also know awesome girls who are thin, have a wonderful body and everything, just like the girl I told you before. They are both beauties. And they are both REAL. And deserve respect.
I was born in a family of thin people, and lost a many weight due to my health issues. Two years ago (on Haku Yowane's pictures for example), I was 125 lbs. Today I'm 100 lbs. And I can tell you, I look better at 125... Right now I look a bit unhealthy, and I lost so many weight in a short time, it had consequences. So yeah. I'm (too) thin. With boobs. I can look good on pictures. And I feel sad when I saw someone saying that I'm anorexic, stupid to be so thin (I don't choose it...), or "At least, a real woman!" on a curvy girl picture, because I'm real too, and also because it makes conflicts. We're fighting against anorexy in fashion shows and magazine, it's a good thing because it's about people health and balance between all kind of bodies representation in medias, but if it's to start insulting thin people of being fake and stupid... It's a bit ridiculous...

To finish with that point, I'd just say: Eat well, do some sport (just walking like 15 minutes per day is fine. I never did sport. I hate that, you see? xD), take care of you, because it's important for your health. And learn to love yourself. And be pretty if you want to, it's not hard at all, mostly self-confidence and knowledge of yourself. As for me... I'm just pretty and girly for cosplay and photoshoots. Most of time I wear L-sized geek T-shirt, jeans, boots, no make up, and MLP hairclips ;)

And if you think I can help, give you some advices with cosplay make up or something like that, don't hesitate to ask !



So awesome event...SO AWESOME !
I spent an amazing evening with everyone ! The only sad thing is that we missed time to take more photos together (will the other cosplayers), and that the weather was...horrible. Rain rain and rain ! (And cold temperatures too !)  

The super-priestess :iconkonicosplay: won the 1st price with her T11, I was very glad for her, she really deserve it !
Contest by KoniCosplay

My dear :iconmistahcatfish: was super sexy as a monk blood elf (we missed time to finish Kael, it'll be for...later ><)
I was also so super happy to see one of my best friend :iconcarancerth: as Arthas (DK)...I think he really enjoyed my Jaina cosplay XD

We met 3 devs: Greg Street "Ghostcrawler", Carlos Guerrero and Jonathan Dumont, they signed our games and congratuled us for our costumes. It was also an awesome chinese group, MANAO: Drums of China ! As cosplayers we were allowed to be in the press part, just next to the scene, and... They're so talented and beautiful on stage...So... Well. Awesome. Here's a little video I just found on YouTube to show you -…

It was also so nice to see all the fans, taking pics and /dance in backstage XD

I will submit many more pictures on my Facebook page, Shae_ (…


As for now I take a little break, playing Mists of Pandaria and League of Legends with my friends, drawing stupid stuff 'cause my tablet died, and start making new projects.

This month I'll be at Dijon Saiten (??+Photofinish), Paris Comics (Jaina+??) and Paris Games Week (Jaina+??)... I'll re-wear my Jaina cosplay a lot, and try to do some little other things, maybe some LoL, maybe some Cloth Road... Maybe other things... I can't tell you for now :3

Anyway I wish you'll like it and really thank you for all the favs, kind comments and notes, watchs, and LLAMAS \o/
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Spirittis Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
Nobody can to anything but agree, so... it's kind a pointless to say so again, but I though I could say my opinion.

I'm usualy a shy person... still I'd like to tell you, that you look PERFECT in my eyes! Acctualy most people who insult and offend others are just jealous.

I'm sorry you have health problems :( ... I wish it'll get better.
RBMenace Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Did you just bitch slap some "trolls"? Way to go. You need to have Jsica on your side. She's one of the retired CosDevs that you might have seen on the site. All I know is that she only has a deviantART page available.


She could be on the same page as you are about what you posted.
ShaeUnderscore Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Not that much trolls for me, but some of my friends received awful messages from haters, plus sometimes I receive message from cute girls or cosplayers saying me a bit sadly they'll never be as cute or as talented as me. I'm not here to do a beauty/skill contest, I'm far from being perfect and...hell, no one's perfect. It makes me sad to see people suffering for things like that.

As for Jsica, she'll leave CD this winter yes ;_; So sad. I already watch her on dA, I really love her sets, her Grenat must be on of my favorite set on CD ! She's a talented model and super kind girl :)
RBMenace Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
I believe so for Jsica. She already submitted her final sets on CD. I still like her Gunner Yuna sets the most.

As for those who think they can't be as cute or talented as you, just tell them that they don't have to be perfect to do what you do. Jsica isn't perfect, but she can still pull it off. If you haven't noticed, she has a gap in the center of her teeth. I think she wants to get some work done on it one day, but I think her's are fine no matter what.
Anomaly-chu Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Professional General Artist
*sends a big hearty hug to you* Thank you for posting this! I completely agree and appreciate when I see intelligent commentary like this.
ShaeUnderscore Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Student General Artist
*hug hug* :heart:
gabylc Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Parce qu'on est sur internet, y aura toujours un(e) con(ne) pour te dire : hey, toi, femme-objet, voila comment tu dois être pour ME plaire, parce que tu apparais sur mon ordinateur, donc tu es MA chose/ Tu te maquilles ? Fake. Tu te maquilles pas ? Ugly. T'es fine ? Fake. Forte ? Ugly. Bien habillée ? Fake. Jean/T-shirt ? Ugly... etc. Personne sera jamais assez bien pour leurs fantasmes masturbatoires -_-
Donc profite plutôt de ton sourire Disneyien pour nous faire des super photos de Jaina et des autres x) (et un roman photo de ta fic à la con avec Arthas ? Ok, je sors...)
En tout cas ça avait l'air super chouette votre event, vous me rendez trop jalouse, bande de parisiens ! ;_;
ShaeUnderscore Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Bin en fait ça concerne pas seulement internet, l'exemple des "vraies" femmes, c'est du vécu au quotidien, dans la rue, des discussions dans la famille, etc. ça s'arrête pas à certains mecs devant leurs PCs, c'est beaucoup plus généralisé en fait. Et certaines personnes ne s'en rendent juste pas compte. Perso j'ai beaucoup souffert de mon image quand j'étais gamine, parce que tout le monde me disait que j'étais moche, et même si je m'en foutais, le fait qu'on me le répète en boucle ça a fini par me ronger et me persuader que j'étais effectivement un gros thon. Alors qu'avec du recul, je suis pas une beauté parfaite mais j'ai pas à me plaindre de mon physique quoi... Je trouve ça con de "diviniser" la beauté des femmes, comme si c'était quelque chose de miraculeux, inaccessible.

Et oui l'event roxxait *w* Super soirée, puis c'est bon de revoir ses potes !
gabylc Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
C'est vrai que j'ai de la chance à ce niveau là, ma famille (et les cons dans la rue, je dois faire peur) me lâchent à peu près la grappe là dessus :/ Mais j'imagine que ça doit être sacrément usant -_- Surtout que je vois pas l'intérêt de dire à quelqu'un qu'il est moche : au pire, oui, et alors ? J'veux dire, ça les regarde pas ton physique, c'est pas parce que t'es une fille que ton unique but dans la vie c'est d'être un joli bibelot (Et en plus si toi t'es moche... ils ont un peu des critères de merde :p ) Je pense pas qu'on gonfle autant les mecs avec ça, l'importance d'être belle, parce que sinon t'auras pas d'amis / de boulot / de mec / de vie, mais pas trop sinon t'es un salope / tu vas te faire violer / t'es superficielle (ou être intelligente, mais pas trop, drôle, mais pas trop, etc.)

Ah et j'ai oublié de dire que ça doit pouvoir roxxer ton cosplay de Photofinish, tu vas pouvoir bien t'amuser sur le côté "Play" o/ Même si ça m'étonnerait que je puisse venir à Saiten vu comment je suis en dèche de thunes :(
LordofN Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
" Je pense pas qu'on gonfle autant les mecs avec ça, l'importance d'être belle, parce que sinon t'auras pas d'amis / de boulot / de mec / de vie, mais pas trop sinon t'es un salope / tu vas te faire violer / t'es superficielle (ou être intelligente, mais pas trop, drôle, mais pas trop, etc.)
Certains mecs le font très bien tous seuls, hein... Enfin, je crois qu'on a moins peur de se faire violer tout de même.

On peut être complexé sur son apparence et être un mec. C'est pas dur, d'ailleurs...
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